Automobile FAQS

What does no-fault car insurance really mean?

In Quebec, accident victims that suffer bodily injury & related losses may claim from the Quebec government benefits for their injuries. The government runs a no-fault system, whereas the government does not determine fault. All persons injured in accidents in Quebec may collect benefits from the plan, if eligible. For more detailed information on these benefits, you may visit the government website at For all collision accidents, your insurance company will always determine fault to establish the application of policy deductible.

If I have an accident and I am not at fault, my insurance company recovers the loss from the other company, right?

Wrong. In Quebec, each insurance company pays for their insured own damages. This system is called the direct compensation agreement and is governed by the G.A.A. (Groupement des Assureurs Automobile du Québec). This system replaced the old tort (recovery) system in 1978. For more detailed information and a broader explanation of the program, visit the GAA’s web site at

If I change my car, is it important to advise my insurance company right away?

Yes, most definitely. Although your Policy contains a 14 day substitution clause, this clause provides only for similar coverage. To ensure you have adequate protection, please contact your agent immediately.

How are some of the ways I can save money on my car insurance?

Most insurance companies have minimum deductibles, but you can choose higher ones in order to save money. Remember the higher the deductible, the lower your premium.

What are deductibles?

Deductibles are applied to losses on your car insurance, except in the case of liability and property damage claims, or if damage is caused by fire or lightning. This applies only as long as you have purchased insurance to protect against these perils.

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