Condominium Insurance

Your condominium corporation’s insurance policy may cover insured losses to the condominium building and common property, but it does not cover your personal property, liability and improvements and betterments to your condo unit.

Protect your personal property, liability, improvements and betterments and Unit Owners contingency with a policy from Williams & Esber. Our highly trained Brokers will design a program to suit your needs.

We represent a variety of Insurance Companies to suit your needs, and believe in personalized quotations, which allow our brokers to fully analyze all elements of the rate and provide their professional expertise.

Speaking with a Broker is your best option! Let our Brokers work for you, negotiating the best possible price and protection, for you and your family.

Take advantage of the many discounts available – Multiple Policy, Age, Occupational, Non Smokers, and many more

Contact us at 514-481-0181, today and start saving!


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