Earthquake Insurance

Many people do not know that in Quebec we are living in an earthquake zone, and as such are exposed to serious and significant loss.

Earthquake is a standard exclusion on most residential insurance policies.

Our Brokers are prepared to offer you a comprehensive overview of the coverage and costs available, and a package of protection to suit your needs and budget.

In quake-prone regions, such as Quebec, especially around Montreal, the Ottawa Valley and British Columbia, earthquake insurance generally covers loss or damage to your property caused by the actual shaking of the earth.

It is subject to a much higher deductible than the other perils/coverage insured by your policy.
Your Standard, Broad and even Comprehensive homeowner’s policies on the other hand, normal DO NOT cover this peril. However, if the shaking were to cause a gas main to break and ignite, the damage as a result of the subsequent fire would probably be covered under your homeowner’s policy.


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